About us

I am Aila and I live together with my husband and our dogs in a house in Böle, Korsholm, just outside Vaasa in Finland.

I grew up surrounded by dogs, my mother was breeding dogs and was granted the Riffendahl kennel name already in 1977. 
She was mainly breeding Collies and later on also Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels and Tibetan Spaniels. 
Her first Tibbie came 1984 from Jukka Kuusisto´s kennel Lecibsin.

After having moved out, got three children and only borrowed my mother´s dogs from time to time, I got my first own Tibbie "Selma" in 2006.  She was also from Lecibsin kennel. 
I decided to start breeding  in 2009 and took over the name Riffendahl from my mother, as she with the right of the age hadn´t had any breeding activities for many years.

By time the number of dogs in our house started to grow and today we have 7 grown dogs at home.

Our beloved Selma passed away in 2019 leaving a big empty space behind her. Fortunately I have several of her offspring at home.

I breed in a small scale with 1-2 puppy litters per year. The puppies grow up in the house together with us, used to the different noises and activities in a home. The last few weeks with us, they are trained going out to do their things in the garden, when the weather allows, so they are partly or completely house trained when they move to their own homes

The puppies are ready to move at the earliest as 8 weeks old. When moving they are registered in the Finnish Kennel Association, chipped and checked by a vet.

I also follow the puppies after they have moved and visit them if possible at least once in their new homes. I keep in contact with most of the owners also long after the puppies have moved and help and support all the owners throughout the life of the dogs.

I also arrange puppy meetings at our house and have an own Riffendahl kennel Facebook page for the owners of the dogs from the kennel.

Should someone be interested in participating in dog shows, I am happy to give support and training hints. For me the most important is anyhow that the puppies get a loving forever home where they are treated as a member of the family.

I am a member of the Finnish Kennel Association, the Tibetan Spaniels Association and SuKoKa the Finnish Breeder Association.

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